You never get a second chance to make a first impression.....
Firstly always, always, always look smart, regardless as to whether the dress code of the company is smart, casual or informal.  It’s an interview and it is essential that the company (your potential employer), see you as professional and in no doubt that you are taking the interview process seriously.  Smart doesn't have to mean a suit, but it does mean clean, smart & professional. 

If you don't have a suit, wear a smart jacket and trousers or skirt, and if you're wearing a shirt ensure it's freshly ironed.  Please don't make the mistake of looking for your smart jacket on the morning of the interview, only to find it crumpled up in the back of your car covered in dog hair.  Enjoy preparing for your interview and get organised in plenty of time, deciding what you're wearing in advance, sorting out any dry cleaning/ironing any clothes. Also, if you have any tattoos (if you do, I’m sure they’re fabulous).  However, please consider covering them up for your interview. Our reasons are explained in “Less is more”.

As above with the exception of the skirt and please wear a tie and cover up any tattoos you may have. Again, read our explanation for this in “Less is more”.


Ladies & Gentlemen
No tongue studs, or obvious facial piercings on show please.  It may sound harsh and I agree that it would be a wonderful world if self-expression were appropriate at any level or in any situation.  However, it isn't.  Accept the fact that you have to play the game if you want to be in it. 

Ladies - discreet jewellery is fine, think Audrey Hepburn not Vicky Pollard...

Gentleman – nothing apart from a wedding ring.
Trust me.